Dynamic Process Management

Customizable business processes help you accelerate and streamline how work gets done. You don’t need programming to create business processes, assign tasks, plan for escalations, and send custom notifications. Additionally, you can create ad hoc tasks and processes when a case needs special attention.
Visual process designer
Ad hoc task assignments
Ad hoc multi-step processes
BPMN™ compatible

webMethods AgileApps Cloud gives businesses an easy way to create powerful enterprise-grade case management applications that streamline and automate enterprise service requests, incidents and investigations by providing case assignment rules and queues, activity streams for communications, integrated task management, pre-defined and dynamic process creation, time tracking for case work, case analytics and reporting, multi-channel (email, Web, Facebook, Twitter®), and integrated document and file attachment.

Situational Web Applications

One size doesn’t fit all. That adage was never comfortable for anyone. As a business you can’t be limited by software that was designed for someone else’s business. webMethods AgileApps Cloud was designed to overcome traditional software limitations so it can be used across your company by people in R&D, marketing, sales, HR, finance—everybody! And, it’s really no problem if a user belongs to multiple teams.

Using the business rules engine, you can implement and control your business processes, escalations, notifications and approvals the way you want. A business analyst can configure the system to match your best practices so the case is managed the way your business needs. The dynamic rules engine checks for both time and event conditions to be met on any field value before executing compound, multi-step actions.

Multi-Channel Communications

It’s called multi-channel but it means every channel, and it provides companies a variety of ways to interact and communicate with customers. webMethods AgileApps Cloud not only fully uses each of these communications channels but also makes it easy to switch channels by transitioning people to the most effective way to resolve the case. Web, Twitter, Facebook, portals, email—we’ve got them covered.

Manage your SLAs and tasks to never miss an important deadline. Whether you are concerned about meeting contract commitments, exceeding customer service expectations, or adhering to internal performance measures, SLAs monitor important tasks and track time left to respond or resolve an open task. Automatically reminders and escalations bring attention to SLAs that are dangerously close to violation.

Improve business insight using beautiful and informative reports and dashboards that help you quickly understand key performance and service metrics. It’s simple to create powerful reports that help you visualize your data and provide business insight. You can dynamically analyze information with ad hoc reports, save often-used reports and schedule the delivery of periodic summary reports by email to team members so everyone is up to date.

Every business balances delivering great customer service and managing the cost of delivering support services. One smart way to do this is to offer a customer support portal that lets customers browse a knowledge base of articles, post questions to the customer community for peer answers, or do a federated search across both the knowledge base and community postings.

webMethods AgileApps Cloud provides mobility for a distributed and connected workforce. Your growing company has people on the go--visiting customers, traveling in the field or working from home. Accessing important information from any smart mobile device is essential for a distributed and connected workforce. View and update cases, send messages, receive notifications and more from the convenience and portability of your smart phone or tablet.

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